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✅AI-Enhanced Personalized Notifications: Elevating User Engagement

We are delighted to present a case study illustrating our collaboration with a client, leveraging AI-driven personalized notifications to elevate user engagement within their application.

✅Identifying the User Interaction Challenge and Implementing Personalized Notifications

Our client encountered an issue with user engagement, as users were not fully interacting with notifications, affecting effective communication and app usage.
To address this, our objective was to increase open rates and foster frequent application visits by delivering timely and relevant notifications, perfectly aligned with individual interests and behavior.
By tailoring push notifications and emails based on user behavior and content preferences, we got a chance to deliver a better customer experience, resonating with users across diverse languages.

✅Unleashing New Opportunities: Personalized Affirmations as a Subscription Service

The personalized affirmations act as a subscription service within the application. This strategic move delivers value to users seeking personal growth and simultaneously presents an additional avenue for business monetization.

We started by generating affirmations in text format, personalized affirmations, thoughtfully designed to resonate with user preferences. At first they go through an initial premoderation process.

Looking to further improve user experience, we ventured into text-to-speech technology. After rigorous model testing and leveraging the "tortoise-tts" library, we successfully trained a model on 10,000 hours of Russian voice. This advancement broadens the horizon of personalized customer engagement, adapting affirmations to users across diverse languages.

✅New Avenues with AI-Based Personalized Notifications

Drawing upon our expertise and track record, we envision successful utilization of such a feature in:

▪️E-commerce: Notifications offer product recommendations based on previous purchases, introduce new items within a category, or suggest bundled product options. For instance, a customer acquiring a yoga mat might receive a notification offering discounts on related accessories.

▪️Fitness Apps: AI-powered notifications transform fitness experiences by intelligently adapting to completed workouts, suggesting new routines aligned with individual progress and goals.

▪️Language Learning: In the realm of language education, notifications acknowledge progress, motivate consistent learning, and provide AI-selected vocabulary for practice, ensuring sustained engagement.

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