Имплементировали AI-поиск для персонализации выбора подарков

In a recent project, we developed a marketplace app focused on gift search and selection. Collaborating with our client, we decided to enhance the search experience using AI.

One of our clients manages a diverse gift database, each item labeled with relevant keywords. However, traditional search methods often led to irrelevant results, impacting user satisfaction.

To overcome this, we successfully implemented an AI-based intelligent search, powered by GPT-3.5. A neural network comprehends and interprets the gift labels, enabling precise search results.

Together with our client, we tagged each gift item. When users enter search queries, our AI system generates intelligent clues, guiding the search process. It scans the database and extracts items that precisely match user queries, vastly improving accuracy.


✅Enhanced user experience: AI-driven intelligent search provides personalized gift suggestions, ensuring a delightful shopping journey.
✅Increased business efficiency: Personalized gift selection fosters customer loyalty and attracts new users.
✅Optimized automation: AI automates tagging, enhancing efficiency and scalability.
✅Versatility: Beyond gifts, artificial intelligence-based search function can be easily integrated into different types of businesses and application types. Its capabilities extend to searching for videos, images, books, and other interest-based queries.

The feature has undergone successful user testing, with a release coming soon!